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Investment Consulting

We are a small but experienced team of people. We are here to make sure your Business Ideas and Earning Models work on the Polish Market. We will assist you throughout the process, starting from Due Diligence and ending at Exit Strategies. What we cannot do ourselves, we definitely know someone, who can. Challenge us and find out!

Our Services

For your investment opportunity

we offer various services, in order to make it more profitable and sustainable whilst easier for you to manage

Financial Controlling 

We provide Feasibility and SWOT Analysis. We can make your Business Plan and work out proper Reporting Tools. We also provide Variance Analisys, to compare the plan to the real life.

Fiscal Optimisation

We aim to create maximum value of your Project. We will do competitive Analysis and Market Research to identify USPs for your Business Case.

Project Management

We will follow up the Projects and propose adjustments, wherever possible. We will later implement and supervise those adjustments, so that your Project can run smoothly and bring you better ROI.

Property & Asset Management

Everyday Management is a burden to any Investor. We will not be doing that either, but we will find the right people, or supervise people of your choice, and report in an "Investor-friendly" way, we'll keep you project in Optimum shape and your Clients happy and satisfied.

and Local 

Every project, big or small, generates a ton of paperwork. Some bring surprising cultural issues. Most require local HR and Legal knowledge. We will help you optimise those "soft" processes.

Great Network
of co-operating
Local Experts 

Throughout the years we have built a reliable team of specialists. We can recommend you our Legal Experts (both Lawyers and Notaries), Architects, Brokers and Accountants.

Challenge us

Like what you see? Let us know, how can we help you.

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

Let's meet, discuss your needs and develop a strategy together!

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