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We are not an official Real Estate Agency. We are constantly scanning for off-market opportunities and, after we find something interesting, we prepare the businness plan (including detailed financial plan), conduct due-dilligence, asses the project in general and secure it for a potential buyer. Ready-made projects save time.

Looking to INVEST?

So, if you are an Investor, or you would like to become one, if you are looking for some Market Analysis or Risk Assesment - contact us!


We will provide you with professionally prepared projects (either green field or brown field) and well verified data. Let's grow together.

Construction Site
Foggy Field
Foggy Field

You have a PROPERTY
which you want to sell?

For our (mostly foreign) Investors we are constantly looking for good Business Opportunities, especialy in the field of Real Estate.


If you have a land plot or building for sale, if you need help with due-dilligence or maybe an already running business case - let us know! 

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